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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Church Family

Today was a great day! I attended Clear Creek Missionary Baptist Church with my roommate and a new soror friend. The service, pastor and people were awesome. Today happened to be Communion Sunday so that was a blessing. To me this church felt like home and after a few more Sunday morning and maybe weekday visits I will make this my new church home while I make my home in Oxford, MS. The Pastor welcomed me and my roommate as visitors from the pulpit, but I know that today was just not the day to make the committment to join. The Lord has another time for me and I am praying and waiting for it patiently. I am going to get involved in the Young Womens Ministry as a way to open my senses up to the people in the church and the way this church teaches the word of the Lord. Hopefully, everyone will be as welcoming there as they were this Sunday morning. Its HOT in Mississippi!!! (just had to write that)


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