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Thursday, June 09, 2005

My first day in Corps as Miss Foster

Woke up cold, nose stuffed. I was not nervous, just curious as to how they were going to treat me when I walk in there and have to give them my teacher face. Would they laugh, smile, understand me or just blank out. What would I do if they totally did not understand the context I was trying to teach to them. So I arrived and followed all the steps I had just learned in class- write the date, write the objective, command their attention. I started the lesson by asking them what they learned yesterday and that today we would be learning how to turn a mixed fraction into an improper fraction and vice versa. After labeling the steps for each objective, I would have a student repeat it for the whole class. I made sure the students wrote down the steps in their notes, so that they would have it to refer to later. I did an exercise with 4 students holding up a peice of paper that had 1/4 written on each of them. This demonstration lead into my lesson on adding fractions with like denominators. More students wanted to come up and be fractions, but they couldn't, but I was glad they were having fun. All in all, my lesson went well and I am exhausted already! I'm ready for my next lesson.


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