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Sunday, June 26, 2005

My Video Taped Lesson

As I finished watching my video taped lesson, I thought to myself, that children will do what you say if you treat them with respect. I had a perfect classroom, and did not need to use any classroom management rules consequences, because all my students were on their best behavior.

Some of my strengths were my set and that all the students enjoyed it, I wrote my objectives on the board and used different Bloom’s levels, I taught to my objectives and all my students understood what I was teaching, I used a modeling instruction type and an example instruction type, and I checked for understanding.

Some of the things I forgot to do were to state my objectives, review the previous day’s lesson in my set and to not hand out a worksheet in my closure.

Also, I would like to be re-evaluated because Dr. Sullivan did not take the time out of his schedule (a schedule he is getting paid for) to even put ONE comment under my 20 bullets for which I was getting evaluated for. I am NOT a mediocre student, and when you think I am, I want to know why. Thank you.


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