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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Birthday Thanks

I would like to thank all who came out to celebrate my 22nd birthday with me. Adryon, Mason, Lilly, Jess, Aaron, Mason, Evan, Lily, G & T, Huong, Amy, Ruth, Joel, Anderson, Tiffany, MEredith, Dave J, and the couple...Lee and KateIt really feels good to have new friends who might have not known for a while who care. MOST of my friends and ALL my family are in the North and I do feel homesick sometime, but when you have events like this it makes you feel like you have people outside of them who care about you. But um...I had a great time and the cake was good...I SWEAR everytime I swear off sweets more always come at me. Its cool, enjoyed the RED and WHITE cake Torsheta and Ginny thanks for the music. I thank A**** for my drink, it was my second one since graduation, the cosmoplitan at dinner was my first. Lily the card was a nice touch, it fits my personality :)


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