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Monday, July 18, 2005

Video Critique for July Student Teaching

I feel like I am getting better at my teaching. I did however enjoy teaching "real kids" in June than teaching my peers in July for my taped presentation. It is the "real deal" that I got on the tape in June. I do enjoy the benefits of peer evaluation and stuff during the student teaching we did in July. As I watch my video I am also look at the evaluation that Mrs. Cornelius gave to me that day. I noticed on this warm-up that i had 8 problems, and she stated that this was too much. I agree with her from looking at the video, though I beleive since it was the begining of the school year I wanted to give them that many problems, because this was basically level Order of operations stuff that I wanted them to know 100% before we moved on in the class. After this lesson, I did change my warm-up to less problems. She also docked me for not restating my objectives, which I did DO after looking at my video. My class seems a little boring to me. I need to think of something to spice it up. I think the kids will do that, because my kids from this summer bought energy to the room. the room was just too quiet for me. I think during the school year like I did for the summer time, I am going to have kids individually come up to the board and work out a problem. It gets that out of their seat. My closure was good and I had good classroom management. Of course, like I will during the school year, I had a "special child" we will call Jake. He doesn't do his warm-up, yet still doesn't know why her understands it. He calls out all the problems loud and so I have to keep constant watch over him so he doesn't disrupt the class. I do see why Mrs. Cornelius wrote in my evalution that I "picked" on him to much. But I figured to keep him on task I was going to keep calling him to make him pay attention. The assessment I did this day was good and my closure was good. All in all I am pleased with that lesson, except I do need to bring some excitement to the classroom, but I guess the students will bring that.


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    How did your dumb ass get a teacher's position? I bet you steal other teacher's chalk....


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