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Friday, July 22, 2005

Things Just Been On My Mind

ok so I am going to finally vent what has been on mind since I have been here. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO IF I DON'T PASS THE PRAXIS II? Like can I get an emergency certification...NO. If I go home..what will I tell my friends and family. What will I do...I am not ready to work in corporate America and the end of July would be to late to apply to grad school. I would be one year behind in life and I would have felt like I was letting my parents down...the expect a LOT of me. So when I got here I began studying EVERY dang day, because I have not seen this high level math since 11th grade of high school and freshman year of college. I want to thank Houng for ALWAYS keeping my mind off me passing the Praxis (lol) and I want to thank all the study session people who explained things to me and the second year teacher (forgot his name) who hosted the sessions. And last but not least I want to thank BEN GUEST. Who believed in my enough to accept me into the program conditonally and kept telling me everyday that I would pass the dang test. And after the day I took it I FINALLY went out...Beale ST of course and had fun on that light drizzle night. And I DID PASS. This is all for now because I am too blessed to be stressed!


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