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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

One of my Favorite Math teachers

ok....all these blogs are starting to run together! With that being said, I have liked all of my math teachers. My favorite one of all wasn't necessarily a teacher, but one of my math tutors. In 7th grade, I took pre-algebra and I just could not understand the Distributive Property (which I just finished teaching) and polynomials. So with all my friends understanding and me staying after school and still not grasping it, I took it upon myself to look in the phone book for my county, Howard County, and look up a tutor. I went to the 'tutor section' and ran across a woman who specialized in children with ADD and ADHD. At this point in my life, i had to come to grisps with that fact that I had ADHD, I wasn't afraid to tell nobody NO MORE!!! and so I told my mom about the tutor and we called and went. I hoped in the passenger side and my drove her red car. We made it their and I liked Mrs. Griffin. She had a son (white boy) who had ADHD, so she knew how to "treat kids like us". Well after going to her twice a week (one week day and weekend) my grades went up and so did my confidence in the beginning level of Algebra. She constantly gave me extra work to do while with her and took me further than where the class was so I could be ahead of the game. We would stay on a topic until I understood it FULLY. She let me take breaks and OF COURSE use the chalk board she had in her house, to make use of my hyperactivity. I went to her in 11th grade when I was taking the ACT to get tutorting for the math section as well. I called and told her about my acceptance in MTC and told her that one day I want to eventually open up a math tutoring business like her.


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