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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

MY classroom this far

Typically, the kind of teaching I am is very laid-back, yet will smile in your face while I discipline you. My kids will know the material when they leave, but they will also behave in my class. I have now instilled a "I am only warning you once for the rest of the year tone".."don't play with me and we are here to learn, not laugh and giggle". My kids for the most respect me, I have those 3-4 that test me on a DAILY basis!!! After assigning book work they have to still ask 3 times what page is it on....I have learned to shut them down with the quickness. I no longer come home stressed over my class (as Torsheta will know because I used to call her everyday my first two weeks of school). I now come home stressed sometimes over altercations/run-ins with my principal from WHERE? I beleive she finds things wrong with every once inch I do because when i have something to say, beleive ME, I will say it. She is the type of person who is always right and you are ALWAYS wrong. I think I can stay this year, but I don't know about one more year. I am a good teacher and I don't want a bad taste of teaching in my mouth. I enjoy my kids and thank the lord everyday that my 1st period is QUIET, SMALL and ALL FRESHMAN.


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