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Monday, November 28, 2005

Downhill from Here

WHY???? Has the year gone by so fast thus far. Or is it just me? We have 16 days left in the semester and then a 2 week break. I feel like the next 5 months is going to go by at the same pace. I have yet to start working out after school, setting aside some me time. But I am just so tired when I come home from work and I do think I miss home so I think about that a lot. AHH....I need to grow up!!! I told my kids that I would bring them some cookies and drink before X-mas break as a treat for them. I really do think I am going to miss them those two weeks. Some of them just kinda grow on you. I enjoy my first period especially because I have 13 QUIET kids and of those two start talking during the end of class. I could keep them all day. Basketball season is here and I have duty coming up. Its on the weekday so I know I will be tired that next day. I'm so not ready.


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