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Monday, November 28, 2005

Seasons Change- Summer vs. Fall

The changes that I see in myself now that I have been in the classroom for a few months are that I am a little bitter tougher than my nice exterior from the team teaching course in July. This summer I smiled a lot and said "Goodmorning" and "students have a nice day". Now I say "sit down we have class to start and I am not repeating myself" or "I hope you have all the notes because you will be getting a pop quiz tomorrow". Some of the students are starting to effect me a little, like if I take a sick day they will ask, "Ms. Foster where you was? Did you miss us? I missed you!" You never think they really care or notice until you are not there and you come back. I have DEF changed my mind on my classroom mangement. I have also changed my mind on my teaching, being as though there I things beyond my control. Like...the copy machine being out of commission for now going on 7 weeks. WHAT THE H*** AM I SUPPOSED TO DO???? My principal wants miracles. And I am tired of trying to deliver them to please her. It is also getting colder outside which makes me sleep in a little longer and makes me and my kids in first period tired and sluggish. I have to gain energy to help them (energy from the sky). It is also getting darker early and so since I live 30 minutes from work, I try to leave by 3:30 to 4pm (sorry Ben, gotta be 3:05 sometime).


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