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Friday, January 06, 2006

December: Final Fall Reflection

My first semester as a teacher has been a uphill and downhill battle. I have to constantly be a teacher, mentor and disciplinarian all at the same time. I enjoy of job and I enjoy my students, I would of course like to get paid a LITTLE BIT MORE!!!! I enjoy the subject I teach and some of my students are starting to grow on me. Some of my main problems within the first few weeks of school were students who refused not to do any work in class, my principal and the lack of orientation for new teachers to a new environment. I have had to get used to the culture and the language of the students down here and have come to better understand them, which enables me to be a better teacher to them. My experience in Dr. McConnell's class this semester has been enjoyable for me. I did enjoy doing the extended STAI Lesson Plan which has helped me become better with lesson planning


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