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Sunday, December 03, 2006

What are my plans for next year?

At the beginning of this year I was gung-ho about staying a third year to teach and even become certified in Gifted Education. I wanted to stay to see the sophomores I had last year graduate and to get more experience, maybe move up a math level. As small tribulations have happened in my life this year, I have had a change of heart. YES...I love my sophomore class from last year (Transition to Algebra), but I am starting to get very homesick again and I do not particular like my administration this year. My District is some B.S. on so many levels and I am just glad my 2nd year here is almost up. I am probably going to go home for one year and teach at a Charter School in Baltimore or DC and then go and get my Phd. I have enjoyed the program and the experiences I have gotten this year and last year. I do like teaching...but maybe closer to home. I feel by myself down here even though I have meet many many people.


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