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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Principal and other things I need to work on

This school year I believe I had many failures as a first time teacher trying everything and anything all at the same time. I had failures when it came to dealing with students and behavior. I had failures when it came to dealing with my gossiping with staff members. I had failures when it came to me dealing with parents. I had failures when it came to me getting to work on time at 7am every morning. I had failures when it came to me dealing with managing my time during my planning period and most of all I had the biggest failure when it came to me dealing with my principal.

My principal this year was not the principal that hired me. I found out 3 weeks before school that my principal quit to move back to Jackson and that they had hired a new principal. I first met her when I came to visit her school in the Delta with another one of my classmates who was to be teaching there. When I told her my name she told me that she did not remember seeing it on a paper of who her staff was to be. Of course I said nothing because I knew I had passed the Math Praxis and that either way I was in Teacher Corps and that I would have a job. She told me she wanted to meet with new teachers like that next Wednesday at 2pm. I arrived that next week and she did not show up until 2:45pm and then she told me that she still had not seen my name anywhere and told me to go over to the central office. I went and they explained to me that they had not received my Praxis scores yet. I had them on me and showed them to them and then was told to pick up my license in Jackson on that Friday in the afternoon.Once school started my new principal showed off her real principal personality. She was a dictator and wanted everything to be her way only. If you had an opinion it didn’t count and if you tried to give her your opinion she would embarrass you in front of not only staff, but students. She quoted rules and laws and never once gave a hard copy of these things to anybody


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