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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Teacher Awards Day

The seniors had their Awards Day in School and during the program each class student council gave teachers awards. The award I received was "Natural Affair". What is funny, one of my favorite students in my fourth period who is on student council was sitting next to my desk and turned and ask me, "Miss. Foster, what does Natural Affair mean?". I said, "I don't know, why?". She said, "Just curious". When I walked up on stage and they explained the award, they said it was becuase I am the first teacher and for some people person that decided to not keep a perm in my hair (so keep it natural) and ACTUALLY walk around with it in public. And also everything I do and everyday in class is a different affair. They have had no other teacher like me. I laughed when they were explaining, I actually do like it. I have the award posted on my wall in my bedroom. I am trying to some how wiggle my way into becoming a Senior Homeroom teacher so I can get all the perks of being a senior advisor.


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