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Monday, January 30, 2006

My First Fight

My first fight happened in my room on Monday, Jan 23rd. I was starting 4th period when two of my students i am close with from 5th period came to my room and wanted to be there for the period since there teacher was not at work that day. I said fine...they do it all the time. As soon as the came in, I followed them to my desk and a student behind me said...."B**** who are you looking at" and the whole class got quite. My 5th period student dropped her items and said, "not get your face out of my mouth", and some more words were exchanged and my 4th period student ran toward my desk to "Scrap" (as my students say) and I just moved out of the way b/c I wasnt getting involved in nothing that didn't have my name in it. I sent a student to the office and of course NO administrator showed up. I finally got the fight broke up (with the help of some students). By time the fight was over, they had rawled up the whole class, moved my desk and pulled the computer cord out of the socket and my NEW purple peacket was on the floor. The principal made me write them up and turn it in at the end of the day (which i didn't want to) and they got suspended for nine days and will return on Feb 6. There are of course a few things I see wrong with the situation: 1) NO administrator showed up 2)no security showed up 3) after the fight my administrator wanted the write-ups right then and there, not even thinking about the fact that I had 24 rowdy kids to settle down and start teaching after I had lost 20 minutes


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