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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Black History Program

On Friday, February 10, 2006 I helped another Teacher Corps Teacher at my school (Yolanda Cox) with the Black History Program for that Friday. It was a program entitled “Get on The Bus”. She told me on Tuesday that she wanted me to talk about Fashion throughout the decades, and when I further pondered the topic or scope that my speech was going to go, I decided that just talking was going to be BORING. So I decided by 5th period that I was going have students model fashions from each decade and play background music from those eras while narrating. It turned out to be excellent, so excellent that even the principal complemented me. I started off with talking about the Liberation flag and then had teachers model African garments, including me. Next I did a church scene. Then I had a Black Panther Party meeting scene. Next was an 80’s scene with two other teachers and I wearing 80’s attire. I wore jeans with a long shirt and a belt, flat shoes, a side Mohawk with one long earring and one short earring and a purse with a long strap. We came out to Luther Vandross and then talked about how we were going to a RUN DMC and Janet Jackson concert. Then we danced to original rap and walked off the stage to Janet Jackson. It was tight!!! The next scene was the 90’s were we talked about cross colors, big cell phones, pagers, and musicians like Missy Elliott and Biggie Smalls. The last scene was the present where I had the boys come out with white tees on and then the girls come out with the styles they wear currently.


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