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Sunday, June 18, 2006


I have been so blessed to be part of such an excellent alternate route to teaching program, happy to be placed at the school with the kids I was given and lucky to have the best mentors a first year could have. Before I even came down to Mississippi, Yolanda Cox, who was a Chemistry teacher at my future high school and a 2004 member of the Mississippi Teacher Corps, contacted me. Every question and problem I had, she was willing to answer and go the extra mile by personally taking me to places I was unfamiliar with. Other mentors that I have to attribute my success to are 2004 corps member Monica Govan and 2005 corps member Torsheta Bowens. I consider myself to be successful because I have endured a year at my high school and will be returning back next year in my same position because I like what I do and I enjoy the school’s environment. Success is when I can come in after not being there the day before and a few students ask, “Ms. Foster, where were you yesterday? Did you miss us? Ms. Foster I know you missed us? Well let us know when you are going to be sick so we can bring you some orange juice.” You try to have your teacher face on, but you cannot not smile after those comments. I have learned after this year that the students are used to you and want to see you every day, so when you are not there it messes with them somehow. Success is when I have upperclassmen that will never have me as a teacher but come up to me and ask about my alma mater, Howard University, or see me in the Beauty Supply store and come up and ask if the jewelry they are buying matches their dress. Success is when a student sitting in from my room from another class I have to watch for that period say to me in the middle of working, “Ms. Foster the reason why I like you is because you are different. You just have a style I have never seen.” These kind of memories from my first year are what make me laugh and what makes me feel good about myself


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