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Friday, January 26, 2007

So Far this year....

I feel unmovtived and it is always a struggle to get out of bed. I never make it to work on time and I am constantly feeling tired throughout the day. I feel like I am driving and get stuck in the same pothole daily until a truck comes and picks me up (the 3 o'clock bell) and carries me away. That is until I have to drive again. I am bored with teaching Pre-Algebra and would like to move to a higher math. A few of the staff members at my school gossip too much and are always running to me with "information". I choose not to be a part of this because I have WAY BETTER THINGS TO DO IN MY DAY AND TOO MANY THINGS ON MY AGENDA. I have not started working on my portfolio yet, but this weekend is my weekend of BEGINNINGS! I do like my kids and look forward to what the future has for me.


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