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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


WE had a snow day on February 2nd. It was exciting!! I still woke up around 7am and drove to Batesville with 3 friends to eat breakfast. There was nothing on the road and we really could have gone to school, but we didn't. I was SUPPOSED to get work done this day but I got NOTHING done. WE went to Memphis to shop and on my way back I stopped at my school to get some papers to grade. Last year we had to come back the day after Memorial weekend to make up a snow day we had. I really hope that is not the case this year, because I have vacation plans already made. The flu is also going around my school and I Lysol my room everyday to keep germs away. I finally did catch something around the middle of February and it lasted 1.5 weeks and I was at work everyday. This is a great accomplishment for me.


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