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Thursday, September 07, 2006

August Blog Two- School Impressions

We have new Administration this year. The discipline seems a little more lacks than last year and we do not have ISS anymore. The principal has also informed us that there will not be a whole lot of suspensions because we have to raise or test scores and the students need to be in school all day everyday to learn. He informed us to try to deal with our kids as best as we knew how. The Algebra I scores were great this year, so the district is know longer going to have JBHM tutoring. I guess the extra money was good when it was good. I think I am getting bored on my job. I want to move on to teach higher level math next year or Gifted and Talented or something else. I am going to add some endoresments like Journalism to my certificate. The school hired a new Head Football Coach and like 4 new coaches in order to have a winning year and the season thus far is still a LOSING one (0-3). It also appears to me that coaches get it a little bit easier than other teachers and there is obvious favoritism going on. I really don't know if I like it or want to go back to it next year. I wanted to stay a third year to see my sophomore class I had last year (my favorite class) graduate from high school in 2008.

August Blog One- 1st week

My first week this year was very easy going. I knew the rules of school and I knew how to handle the students better. I still don't really know what to do when we have down time. I teach freshman and they are sometime hard to manage. Last year I wasn't given the bell schedule until the day before school and I had no gradebook, no markers for my class, no intercom in my room and of course no computer!!! This year lunch was moved up one period to 4th which is at 10:3o instead of 11:30 and so now I have to take 25 kids to lunch instead of 12 kids. I still feel tired after school, but I am more prepared for my class lessons this time around.