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Sunday, November 05, 2006


I have been very tired lately and longing to go HOME!!! I am very close to my parents and love my hometown area and my way of life at home. I am thinking about going back there after the program is over and taking that year to apply for my Phd. I am on the other hand falling in love with the south. The way of life, the church and the cost of living. I would like to bring my parents to the south and that would make my life complete, but they are VERY contempt in the North.
I need to pray about it and what till God gives me an answer that I can understand.

Did I ever think of quitting after the first year?

Yes I thought of quitting my first year. My principal and I last year had a love-hate relationship. She made the beginning half of my school year miserable by putting me (a first year teacher) on the TST team, making me the Freshman council sponsor and giving me things at 3pm that she needed done or typed by tomorrow, but an item that could not leave the building. She made it hard for me to leave my class and warm up my lunch (because I was leaving my students unattended) and always always did random class room observations of me. About 2 weeks before Christmas break I wrote up the grandchild of one of the Board members and my principal came and talked to me personnally about the situation. We ended up having a verbal and heated argument and I walked out of her office eventually after this went on for about 30 minutes and and eventually sent the VP to come and get me to bring me back. That is when I realized that me and this woman were not going to work out and I was seriously considering leaving after the 2nd nine weeks. I did not. She ended making me an after school tutor starting in January and she was never really in the building that much, because she become the Asst Superintendent.