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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Last BLog

The blog system we are on has updated itself and I am not going to remember how to get back on. I have started working on one of my life goals of writing a childrens book series. I am developing my characters and formulating story ideas. I also am trying to figure out what I want to do after teacher corps. This has been my safe haven for the past 2 years of my life. It seems like yesterday I was walking across the yard with my friends on my cell phone with Ben asking if I could still apply. It seems like yesterday I was with my parents and BEn eating at Newks, which was just the beginning of my journey. I have really grown since Summer 2005 and I thank Ben a lot for allowing me this opportunity. I am probably going to stay in the south and teach another year. I do miss MD, but I do not want to back track on life and fall into my old safe haven. I am growing here and do no want to stop it.

April Blog I

This month seems short. Let me just break down my calendar for you
Week One: Calendar Math project and Wizdom teeth removal
Week two: Daddy having surgery and I am taking two days off of work
Week three: Math project
Week four: Mississippi state tested subjects and MTC class where portfolios will be due

This month will hopefully go by fast as to enter the final month of this school year. I am doing two projects so the kids can have a change of pace of math environment. I find that they are getting bored with just teaching and lecturing and I am getting bored as well. Prom was moved from APril 21 to the first week in May. I was going to chaperone but I plan on going out that Friday night. I REALLY wanted to go see my 10th graders from last year go to their first prom. I found out in March that one of my 9th grade students from last year who was pregnant and had her baby in July is pregnant again. WTW (what the world)??? How does this happen. Why does this happen? I asked her if she wanted it to happen and she replied, "No it just happened." This girl is 16, where is her momma???

March Blog II

I am meeting some classmates in Jackson the last weekend of MArch so we can get started and motivate each other on our portfolios. Parent conferences are in March and so that is one day of no work. I plan on giving many quizzes and tests in the last 2 weeks of March because APril I will be out getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Then my dad is having surgery and I am going home for 2 days and then state tested subjects and I do not want get kids behind by doing work then. I have found through talking, that some of my older kids 16-17 who are behind still come to school because simply put, "there is nothing else to do". I find this fascinating because if I had nothing to do at that age I most certainly didn't want to hang out with younger people.

March Blog I

My principal is the most lazy excuse for a man. I have asked to go on workshops this year and he never gets back to me. I write memos, email and ask in person and he forgets. I ask for items for my room and he also forgets. As a teacher this is really disheartening. This makes me not want to teach, not want to come to the school and if I do...again...NOT teach. I am getting tired of NPHS and tired of the environment and the atmosphere. I seem to be enjoying my kids more and more everday. I am so glad Spring is almost here because I am going to start working out again to keep my sanity and fit back into some of my clothes. Spring break is finally here and I am happy. One more 9-week to go until summertime fun!!!


WE had a snow day on February 2nd. It was exciting!! I still woke up around 7am and drove to Batesville with 3 friends to eat breakfast. There was nothing on the road and we really could have gone to school, but we didn't. I was SUPPOSED to get work done this day but I got NOTHING done. WE went to Memphis to shop and on my way back I stopped at my school to get some papers to grade. Last year we had to come back the day after Memorial weekend to make up a snow day we had. I really hope that is not the case this year, because I have vacation plans already made. The flu is also going around my school and I Lysol my room everyday to keep germs away. I finally did catch something around the middle of February and it lasted 1.5 weeks and I was at work everyday. This is a great accomplishment for me.

Feb Blog I

This year we did not have a Black History Program. I have always been told that "You don't know where you are going if you do not know where you have come from". These black kids in the Delta need to know their roots. They need to know about the heritage and they need the people they see for 8 hours a day to teach it to them. I really wanted to have one because I enjoy black history a whole lot. In fact, I should have majored in it and minored in math. I told my students we would watch some videos on it in class and I would tell them some facts daily and I did. They enjoyed this in the end and I did as well.